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Stock Photography Information

30,000 35mm, 6x9, 6x12 and 6x17 panoramics.


Diverse file of business, historic, maritime,medical, scenic, technology, travel images. Emphasis on application of panoramic formats for impact.


Powerful panoramics of maritime scenes, majestic cityscapes, historic reenactments and sites, national parks. Biomedical, healthcare, technology and telecommunications imagery shot on location. Captivating environmental portraits of corporate leaders and scientists. Expert at aerial, high-angle and maritime photography.


Eastern U.S.: Maine to Carolinas. Large Pennsylvania/ Philadelphia files. Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Washington DC, Wyoming. England, Grenada, Ireland, Jamaica, Newfoundland.

John McGrail has devoted more than 20 years to shooting for top art directors, designers and picture editors, including over 200 assignments for Time. Ready on short notice for assignments at sea or in the air. Wantlists welcomed. Tight edits of his best work sent overnight. Your time will not be wasted by inappropriate submissions.
Call for minimum rates.

John McGrail
John McGrail Photography Inc.
1200 New Rodgers Road #840 Suite C2
Bristol, PA 19007-2525

US Phone: (215) 750-6070
Fax: (215) 750-9799
(Call 215-750-6070 to report if fax line is busy.)


More Stock Photography Information

Please click on the link below to visit AG Editions Green Book Online for a comprehensive description of John McGrail's stock photo files, recent coverage, upcoming assignments, and trips.

John McGrail's membership in ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers) spans 25 years. John was based in New York City for a decade where most of his work was assignments for editorial clients, primarily the magazines at Time Inc. McGrail opened his studio just outside of Philadelphia in 1986. He works at expert level in the photography specialties of Aerial, Annual Reports, Architecture, Historical, Marine, Medical, Panoramics, Portraiture, and Technology. John McGrail also photographs numerous facets of the Philadelphia region.

The stock image files of John McGrail Photography Inc. incorporate all of these areas of expertise.

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